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Andy Espino - El Rincon

El Rincón Art Studio is Local, Raw, and Unfiltered with the motivation to CREATE and is a multi-layered business specializing in murals, signs, paintings, and so much more.
Services include but are not limited to: Painted logos on walls, paintings on standard or not so standard canvases, murals in homes and businesses, custom painted signs, etc.
Andy “FEO” Espino, is the founder of and artist behind El Rincon.  Andy has been involved with art since childhood. As an adolescent, his talent brought him to Street Art in whichever form that would take, but specifically Graf Writing (graffiti). Today his ART is his protest and in these trying times, Andy feels we need to be reminded to Love. Love humanity, love our differences, love ourselves, in order to love every aspect of life and living beings.  Andy describes himself as “Husband to a truly strong woman, Father to a couple of crazy kids that he simply can’t get enough of, Son of two of the greatest people I have ever met, and finally, I am an Artist.  ART is my Protest and may LOVE reign supreme!”
Media: mixed media

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