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Carmen Ferraro

Carmen was born and raised in Dayton Ohio. Growing up in a very artistic household, she always had the support to follow her drive to become a creative. As she furthers her knowledge as a fine art undergraduate, she hopes to be that same supportive figure to her community as her family was to her through art.

Carmen’s goal is to connect people through creativity. She loves building and designing with unconventional materials using unconventional methods- from a quick sketch or detailed painting to a sculpture or photograph, she loves experimenting with all forms of art.

Through all her different experimental mediums, clay has always been a constant. She is drawn to the endless forms and possibilities clay and ceramics have to offer. But her favorite aspect of ceramics is the ability to bring people together to get muddy and make art!

Media: ceramics

Studio: BLDG 300 | Outdoor Green Staircase | 2ND Floor


  First Friday, 5 pm - 9 pm

  Third Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm

  And by Appointment.



Social Media: @madeceramicartstudio

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