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David Zawisa

David Zawisa
Artist Statement: "Let me first start by saying that, contrary to what you may have heard, David Zawisa is NOT a “shiftless skonk.”  So, now with that mess out of the way, we can begin...
C A U T I O N:
Before reading this, you’ll want to be prepared. Maybe sit down with a stiff drink and step away from the world. Also, this statement contains digressions and the author is not responsible for any subsequent whiplashes which is covered in the disclaimer at the end of this statement.
And when you’ve finished reading, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, look around and think: “I need another drink.”

Ok, hold on to your loved ones, here goes nothing...
[queue ethereal background music]
 [Narrator] We are all born with an innate passionate curiosity – a present from the past, handed down from generations long ago… a gift from God. This curiosity is crucial to developing an individual’s skill. And if continually nurtured, the skill becomes a superpower that remains with us for life. It needs to be stated that while a skill is in the developmental stages, other potential, and likewise respectable abilities, that could also become superpowers (i.e. accountant, diesel fitter, puppet master, etc.), are neglected and tossed aside.
Some will use their refined skill for good and some not.
Then, at some point in our lives, curiosity is traded for a tangible “reality” and it becomes increasingly difficult to escape. And the chosen skill may only graduate to a talent (stopping short of a superpower) and will begin to deteriorate. Luckily a “reality” will replace it.
That was a short commercial break. Here’s the artist info…
David Zawisa was born at a very young age and learned to breathe quickly. Although he is from the backstreets of Columbus, he never wanted to be associated in any way with the Backstreet Boys.  He currently dwells in Springboro.  He has been creating art for as long as he can remember.
 His earliest recollection was when he was two years old and drew a mural on a wall in his parent’s home. Without a care in the world, using crayon as his medium of choice, he learned then that art can evoke strong emotions and that art is not permanent. So [ending the third person narration] I’ve been on a life-long quest to make my art timeless. I now work with oil-based paint, metal and wood. These materials seem to have lasting qualities. I may still use crayon, but I will never again admit to it.
 My work is difficult to classify (i.e. classical realism, cubist, post-steampunk, etc.). “Diverse” seems to be a viable genre.
 I enjoy the entire process of creating art: inception (visualizing the completed piece), discussions with other artists (“You’re doing what?”), conversing with non-artists (are there non-artists?) talking to myself (“Ok, one more donut.”), research, praying, more changes, more donuts. It’s all very therapeutic - from conceptualization to presentation. Like a mini staycation - a vacation for the soul.
Before starting a project, I dive headfirst into the image in my mind. I swim in every detail, towel-off (with reality), then do it all again. This can go on for weeks.
So many thoughts and ideas flow through our brains. We speak 300 to 1000 words to ourselves every minute.  I wish I could re-create every thought.  I make the art, not to sell, but for enjoyment...  and for the person who swears I made it for them.
The drawn-out sobs of Autumn’s violins wound my heart with a monotonous languor.
- Paul Verlaine
Quote broadcasted by the BBC signaling the beginning of D-Day.
It seems that now, at this stage of my life, time is my motivation and I’m frittering it away on writing an artist statement.
I put my heart and most of my soul into this statement because I don’t think I’ll ever write another. It’s like visiting a place and knowing I’ll never return.  Thank you for supporting the arts and be careful out there.  I would also like to thank my Mom and Dad – for everything!
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DISCLAIMER from the artist:

"The ARTery is not responsible for the content of this statement. This statement miraculously becomes confidential

if anyone gets offended.

II) This message should only be read by the recipient and that sharing its content is strictly forbidden unless coerced

by outside forces or unforeseen (and quite possibly undulating) circumstances (it happens).

3)  And finally, legally binding contracts are ok if you like that kinda stuff.

4a) Also, this statement is virus-free. However, and heretofore, the author does not accept liability for any damage

inflicted by viewing its content (including whiplashes).

VI) Lastly, the author is not responsible for typos or mis-corrected autocorrected text. Any string of text, taken out of

context could be misconstrued and should be enjoyed or avoided in most States and smaller European communities.

6) If this had been an actual artist’s statement, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for further

news and information.

The content of this message has been modified to fit the format of the internet.

There is more to this story, but unfortunately, there are time and pixel constraints.

If you are interested in the full-length version, one will be appointed to you at no

charge after a 72-hour probationary and quarantine period"


Media: oil painter, sculpter

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