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Hollow Oak Stuidos

Hollow Oak Studios was founded in 2017 but formally known as Joanna D Photography for 2 years prior to that. The change came about when Joanna D and Chance Ross began working together on weddings and other photography sessions. Chance Ross learned quickly and became a great asset to Joanna D and her company. They decided to join forces and build the company even further by making Hollow Oak Studios. We are now a Family owned company. We are really excited about all the changes being made and we hope our clients enjoy them as well.  We recently brought Mary Mendenhall onto the Hollow Oaks Team! She has been working with me and modeling for me since the beginning. She is great to work with and we are very excited to have such a talented photographer to work with us.

Media: photography

StudioBldg. 100, Door B/C, 1st Floor


  First Friday, 5 pm - 9 pm

  Third Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm

  And Daily by Appointment.


Call or text 937-715-2548


Photographers: Joanna DChance Ross, Mary Mendenhall

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