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Joanna D

Hi, I go by Jo or Joey. I am a Photographer. I'm also a mom and soon to be step mom and wife! I am 33 and owner and head Photographer of Hollow Oak Studios. I have been in business for about 5 years. My fiance, Chance, and my friend Mary Mendenhall are my 2nd and 3rd shooters. I have a few videographers I work with as well. I took a photography class as a teenager but have been self taught with some help learning from other photographers. I have wanted to be one since I was young. I was more of a sketcher as a child. I drew anything I could see. From animals to still-life. I love to sing. I was in a band for awhile called The Love Jinkies. It didn't go anywhere since we all got so busy with our lives. My main love in art has been photography though. I have never had so much drive ever in my life than I have for this other than my family. I think my favorite to shoot is Boudoir ( sexy tasteful photos) next would be nature and landscapes. I go on lots of trips when I can to see and photograph new places. I love to shoot creative concepts with models in my free time! I also shoot weddings, families, pets and more. 
My history with Front Street. Around 14 years ago I started hanging out at Front Street. I was about 19 and I had a lot of graffiti artist friends and musician friends. There used to be live shows on the loading dock, graffiti all over and quite a few people living here. It was fun but not the safest place to hang out. I also worked for and am good friends with the owner and friends of Merchfits ( still to this day) and even cleaned screens for Green Leaf for a brief moment in my early 20's. You could hear bands playing throughout the building and the shaking of spray paint cans daily, It was a very adventurous time of my life for sure. Then about 3 years ago I started shooting with a collective on the 2nd floor. I was amazed at what Richard had done with the place. It has come a long way. I had been wanting my own space after about a year of being with them. My friend and Studio-mate had gotten a space from Richard and I jumped on it with her. It turned out to be a space a good friend of mine had lived and recorded music in. Studio 1400.  The tags of people I knew were still around the space here and there. It was really so special and surreal being there and understanding I was now more a part of something bigger. A dream come true. I am so happy to be at Front Street! Please feel free to stop and say hi if you see me in any time. I look forward to getting to everyone in the building at some point or another of the years.  

Media: photography

StudioBldg. 100, Door C/D, 1st Floor, Suite #1400


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