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Jonah Hunter

Jonah Hunter, Vegabond Studios, Front Street

Growing up, my photography influences were my Mom and my grandfather. My first camera was a Canon Fx, my grandfather had purchased in 1966 Dong Tam while deployed in Vietnam. College was when I became serious about photography. I took classes and loved shooting and processing black and white film. In 2016, I had the opportunity to live in Alaska for a time and with his camera, I shot over 1000 black and white film images throughout McCarthy, Anchorage, Homer, and Wrangell St. Elias National Forest. That experience and the people I met there, like photographer and writer Paul Scannell, and many others along the way have further developed my interest in landscape, wildlife, and travel photography.

Currently, I am shooting digital images with my Nikon D3400. I enjoy hiking and wandering locally, but my main love is traveling and finding new scenes that inspire me. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and photograph Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, all of the lower 48 states, and Alaska. My work is a reflection of those travels and experiences. This body of work tends to focus on the calm moments and overlooked details found in nature and the hidden urban oasis’s. In addition to my photography, I am currently creating functional, recycled, sculpture. I am a vintage 80’s BMW enthusiast, like my father and my Uncle. I have a surplus of E28 and E30 BMW parts that if not used or sold might be repurposed for sculpture.


2019 Bar Granada, Dayton, Ohio

Media: photography

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