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Kelly Ingerson

Kelly Ingerson, born in Adelaide Australia in 1966, lived in rural country on cattle
and sheep farms until graduating high school in 1983. Kelly immigrated to Dayton, Ohio in 1997, where she currently resides as a mother of three, and grandmother of four.  She studied Emergency Management and Construction Safety & Health at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in 2010; and has worked in the commercial construction industry for past sixteen years. 
Kelly’s tremendous love of the outdoors and the ocean is shown vividly through
her photography, capturing the emotion of the moment. The wide-open spaces of the
Australian outback, along with the beautiful white sandy beaches skirting the coastline, is where Kelly feels most at home. Settling in Virginia was her way of “going home” by being close to the ocean and surrounded by the mountains to the west. Kelly has now returned to Ohio due to her adult son being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, whom she is now his caretaker.
Kelly has never had any formal training for photography; just her natural eye
seeing into the subject she is photographing, capturing the raw vision, finding the story deep inside and letting one’s imagination run wild. Finding her niche was hard, with all the photographers all around her, she wanted to find something new and unique; something never replicated; a once in a lifetime vision. And, there it was. The place she felt the most part of, the world had given her the gift of sand, and its dance between the ocean.
Sand photography started with little to no idea of what it would be. It has
become a treasure hunt, much like looking for that perfect shell or driftwood washed
ashore-always in search of patterns that tell a story, uncovering hidden images or just
getting lost in all the lines, swirls, and circles. It is a never-ending canvas that changes
constantly. These precious designs are nature’s temporal gift to us, as the waves will
soon erase the image and replace it with another.
Kelly became a member of The Occasion for the Arts, in Williamsburg Virginia in
2017 and has volunteered in the annual art exhibition. It was here she found the
courage to bring her unique, one-of-a-kind photography of sand designs to life. Since
then she has entered and been selected for exhibitions in Virginia and Ohio and has
sold her art across the world. Kelly is an active member artist in the ARTery Gallery at
Front Street Art District, Dayton Society of Art in Dayton Ohio and Williamsburg
Contemporary Arts Gallery, Williamsburg Virginia.
As an aspiring writer and artist with great passion and audacity, she travels
often, mostly along the coast, scouring the beaches for that one design to capture her
imagination and freeze the moment in time. 

Media: photography

Studio: Bldg. 100 Door B/C 3rd Floor Suite# 3480


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