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Life in the City 2021

"Life in the City" strives to showcase original artwork inspired by modern urban lifestyles, culture, and architecture. The spectrum of artwork in this year's exhibition ranges from straightforward presentation to conceptual.  The show features a variety of art including acrylic and oil paintings, photography, resin light sculptures, and textile work.

This year, we are proud to have world renowned jewelry designer and metalsmith, Sandra Picciano-Brand join us as this year's guest juror.

Opening Reception August 6, 2021 | 5PM - 9PM

Enjoy live music from our friends, Ludlow, The Band, have a cold brew from Devil Wind Brewing in our beer garden, and dinner from the Rolling Oasis. It is free to attend the opening reception.

Closing Reception August 15, 2021 | 11AM - 4PM

Enjoy live music and peruse the surrounding market, studios, and galleries!  The day is free to attend and offers free, onsite parking.  The food truck accepts cash and card while vendors and artists vary.

Chip Williamson

Waxahatchie Window
Title: Waxahatchie Window - BEST IN SHOW
Medium: inkjet print, framed
Dimensions: 32" x 48" framed
Jackson and Wabash, Chip Williamson
Title: Jackson and Wabash
Medium: inkjet print, framed
Dimensions: 32" x 48" framed
Carousel City
Title: Carousel City
Medium: inkjet print, framed
Dimensions: 48" x 32" framed
"The City, whatever city, even our city, is a multi-layered experience of light and movement. And we sometimes lose sight of the everyday trip we take through it. We have our minds attuned to move without feeling, look without seeing. My photos try to examine that moment that the city is alive in front of us, and we have the opportunity to stop to feel and see what's simply in front of us. Literally reacting to the movement and interactions of the city."
Artist Statement: Chip Williamson is a contemporary photographer interested in the common sacredness of everyday life. He considers himself an abstract realist, which may seem contradictory. His original photographs are often pictures of common objects and places, easily recognizable to most people. However, his work transforms those common objects and places by creating a new way of experiencing them. The resulting art elevates the common every day lived experience, through abstraction, into a new perspective, a sacred view of the world. Chip is inspired and influenced by the work of Andy Warhol, the Photorealist Movement, Vintage Postcards and by his ceramic figurine collection.
Emily Von-Stuckrad
Suspect, Emily Von-Stuckrad
Title: Suspect
Medium: Oil Finger painting on stretched canvas
Dimensions" 24" x 30"
Missing Moxie
Title: Missing Moxie
Medium: oil finger painting on stretched canvas
Dimensions: 36" x 24" oil finger painting on stretched canvas
"My favorite part of cities that I visit are usually the water features that outline them. It's just a little slice of calm where people can get away from the traffic and return to nature within the hustle and bustle."
Artist Statement: "Emily holds a BFA from Wright State University in Design/Technology with a focus in Stage Management. She also has a certificate from Sinclair in Arts Management. As of 2021, she is in pursuit of an Associates in Painting from Sinclair. Since 2000, she has worked backstage in the shadows of Dayton’s theaters. She is currently the Executive Director of The Plaza Theatre and the Stage Production Manager at The Dayton Art Institute. Emily found a love for finger painting in oils after her husband introduced her to a few artists who did the same. The style allows the artist to connect to the art without an extension. A direct connect and intention. The artist/work connection becomes more personal and loving with each fingerprint."

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