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M.E. Creations by Margie Elaine

Margie Grove is a lifetime Daytonian who supports her community through her volunteer work and artistic endeavors.  She has had a passion for painting since high school and has painted in her in-home studio for sixteen years. In 2015, her husband suggested she should start showing her work and become part of the Dayton art scene.  Following the advice of her husband, Margie moved her in-home studio to Front Street where she continued to paint and become an active member of their community.

After settling into her new creative space, she began to expand her skill set to include glasswork and drawing.  She began creating with glass under the mentorship of Liz Shinn, artist and instructor at The Glass Station. Margie quickly began designing glass dishes, birdbaths, cupcake stands, and the list goes on.   Each individual piece begins with a sketched out design with precise measurements and detailed notes to create a “blueprint” of sorts. From this point, each piece’s journey is different, depending on what is being crafted.  Margie’s projects until 2023 include incorporating Frit (crushed glass), glass paint, and shaved glass into her designs and drawing lessons from internationally recognized artist and instructor AUSRA Conrad. 

In 2023 Margie moved her studio to a new space at Front Street.  She is now part of Glass Grotto; a group of independent glass artists.  Her love of life helps inspire her.  Music, artists from history, friends, color & shapes help get the creative juices flowing.  Teaching what she has learned is rewarding also.  She still gets excited when the kiln opens to reveal a new creation.  Expanding techniques & skills, Margie wants to create her own molds in the near future.  Thus having another part of fusing glass under her belt.  The sky really is the limit!

Margie’s artwork has shown in The Springfield Museum art for five consecutive years, as well as the Wright State Arts Gala, Front Streets' “Life in the City,” and The Orphanage.  A large collection of Margie’s paintings hung as a permanent installment at Hannah’s Restaurant, in Dayton. She has been an active member of Dayton Society of Artist, Dayton Contemporary, Springfield Museum of Art, Culture Works, and the community of Front Street.

Media: acrylic, glass

Studio: building 100, Door BC, Basement, as well as private entrance on Front Street


  First Friday, 5 pm - 9 pm

  Saturday After First Friday, 11 am - 4 pm

  Third Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm

  And Daily by Appointment.


Facebook: ME Creations by Margie Elaine and Glass Grotto

Instagram: Creations by Margie Elaine

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