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Michael Higgins

I love to look at art, make art and look at the art I make. A reflecting mirror. A little peek at the inner fabric. Catharsis. The psychology of it. Searching - an exploration. Trying to strike the right cord. Trying for balance. Imagination. Conjuring. Seeking vision. To make something out of nothing. Imago ignota - a previously unknown image emerges. A created reality. Take a picture. Hang it up. Look and reflect over and over. Share it. Engage. Art is a source of pleasure - a real joy.
Michael Higgins has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Arts with a fine arts focus - drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, art history and aesthetics. Following graduate school, Michael had four solo showings and participated in several group shows in Dayton and Columbus. Michael stopped showing a long time ago to focus on family and a career in social services with at-risk youth but continued as a practicing artist in isolation from the art world. With an empty nest and retirement, Michael has re-emerged with an unseen body of work to share and with new work continuing.
Michael's work is eclectic using a variety of materials and approaches but is primarily drawing and painting on paper, panel and canvas. Some of the work is representational from direct observation and some is abstract from the imagination. A characteristic of the work is the blending of both approaches through a frenetic drawing process that begins in the unconscious but may end with more conscious concerns regarding the elements of art and principles of design.
Mediadrawings, paintings
Studio: Building 100, Door BC, 2nd Floor, Suite 2410
By Appointment.
Accepting Commissions: no
Social Media:  Instagram @higginsquestforvision