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Ryan Lee Taylor

"My name is Ryan Lee Taylor and I am a wildlife, nature, and landscape fine art photographer from Beavercreek, Ohio.

I studied at the New York Institute of Photography, graduating in 2017 with certificates in the Complete Course in Professional Photography and the Intensive Course in Travel Photography. Any other experience I have is self-taught from going out in the field.

The majority of my work focuses on the genre of nature photography, and specializing in wildlife, wildflowers, trees and landscapes. Often traveling to far off scenic locations away from home or near as can be. I deliver stylish framed and matted fine art prints while also promoting conservation and wildlife ethics. 

Call it experiential photography: documenting the living things around us and delivering that moment to you, the viewer, is my purpose. Reflected in my work is a deep ecological concern for the fragile and precious environments on our planet. However, I tend to focus on what beauty is already there rather than the harrowing consequences of humanity's actions that affect tomorrow.

All the photographs you currently see in my portfolio were taken in Ohio, most of them from somewhere along or around the Beaver Creek and the Little Beaver Creek, a tributary to the Little Miami River Watershed. My favorite habitat to shoot would be wetlands and fortunately I am located right in the middle of the Beaver Creek Wetland Corridor. The multitude of nearby nature preserves, community parks, wildlife areas and metroparks become my canvas, my sandbox from which I create.

Pre-settlement Ohio was a diverse habitat area. The southwest in particular was largely a mixed oak/beech/sugar-maple forest in its original vegetation. This area of Ohio is known for containing five of the six wetland types such as fens, marshes and creeks. Our state bird is the Northern Cardinal and our state mammal is the White-Tailed Deer. The state cultivated flower is the Scarlet Carnation and the state wildflower is the Large-Flowered Trillium.

My experience with galleries started with a solo exhibit in my hometown for the month of February 2019 at a senior center. I have an ongoing membership with Village Artisans since December 2019, a cooperative gallery that I am affiliated with that displays local artists as well as becoming a member of The ARTery at Front Street in July 2020.   

I am a member of several professional organizations both international and local such as the North American Nature Photography Association and Dayton Tripod Camera Club to which I invest time into sharing tips and information with other like minded photographers.

Thank you for viewing my work and make sure to get out there!"

Media: photography 
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