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Sandra Picciano-Brand

While utilizing many design and jewelry-making techniques, these ideas have remained a constant in Sandra’s work: The organic form, romantic themes, and a sense of elegance and fluidity.  Inspiration for her sterling silver, gold, copper, pearl and gemstone jewelry comes from nature, dance and mythology, as well as her travels to Europe and Mexico.

All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind, and many take several weeks to months to complete.  She utilizes numerous jewelry-making techniques in her work, including lost wax casting, hydraulic press forming, and the ancient techniques of      reticulation, granulation, Keum Boo, chasing and repoussé. She also enjoys the spontaneity inherent in working with wire, with its flowing, graceful possibilities. 

Over the course of her career, Sandra has developed her metal skills by studying with internationally known artists at Arrowmont, Penland, and Touchstone Art Centers, as well as continuous self study and research. 

Some of the techniques she employs: Keum Boo - the process of rolling 24 K gold sheet into foil thickness, then heating and burnishing it onto fine silver. Reticulation, with its moonscape effect, and fine silver surface, is achieved by heating and quenching, then slowly moving the torch across the silver until it ripples. Granulation is the technique of melting 24 k gold into small spheres, applying them onto fine silver, and fusing them with a torch.

Mediamaster jeweler, hydraulic press forming, lost wax casting, reticulation, granulation, Keum Boo, chasing and repoussé.

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