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"Alchemic Configurations"

June 7 - 16, 2024

Opening Reception: June 7th 5-9PM

Closing Reception June 16th 11am - 4pm

“Captain Midnight Weather Forecaster”
Hand fabricated bronze and copper with Captain Midnight advertising premiums
from the 40s. The pendant articulates and spins to reveal the forecast through
the window on the back.
"Fancy Lady"
Lost wax cast bronze with patina.  To create this sculpture a high density foam is hand sawed, carved and sanded.  A mold is made and wax is poured into it.  The wax is then coated with a ceramic shell and burned away in a kiln (lost wax), then the bronze is poured in.  The finishing entails grinding, sanding, polishing and application of acid etched patina.
"Have You Ever Been Lonely?"
Hand fabricated sterling silver setting incorporating an enamel pin, circa 2933, that was a premium for the sheet music for the song.  The pin in this setting has not been altered and is fully intact and authentic.
"Heard it Through the Grapevine"
Sterling silver, dendritic opal, enamel over gold. 
Hand fabricated and cast from an actual grapevine.
"Shaman Peace"
Necklace with hand cast bronze vessel and handmade chain with articulated
dangles set with lemon chrysoprase. This piece with its elegant amulet vessel
evokes a tribal, nurturing and healing influence.

About David
Over a period of 35 years, David has developed what began as a hobby into
a serious second career as a master jeweler/metalsmith artist. David’s
engineering background lends a certain precision and inventiveness to his
work, which has at the same time a studied looseness of style.
David’s sculptural bronze vessels and containers derive from the influence of
his mother’s extensive bottle collection that he admired as a child. Through
the use of distinctive forms and textures, his pieces are imbued with a sense
of ritual evocative of antiquity, but maintain a freshness of line that appeals
to the modern eye. With great effect, this idea has been carried over into a
series of vessel jewelry pieces.
David has developed his metal skills by attending workshops with Internationally known metal artists, and by extensive self study and research. He exhibits in national level juried art shows with his wife, Sandra, and has won
several Best in Show, and First Place awards. His pieces are included in
exhibitions across the country, in the permanent collection of the Ohio Craft
Museum and several jewelry design books which has brought him
international recognition.
One of the processes he employs is lost wax casting in which an original
model is intricately carved or formed with various types of wax, then
imbedded into a plaster-like material. The wax is burned away (lost) in a kiln
leaving a space into which the metal is poured. David also utilizes many
traditional, ancient and innovative jewelry-making techniques in his work.
There is always a story and deeper meaning involved in David’s jewelry
pieces. This can be through the juxtaposition of found objects, through the
selection of unusual stones, and creating a setting that complements the
form of the stone (which he designs, hand cuts, and polishes). Seemingly at
odds with his engineering career are the silent nuances of David’s choice of
color, shape, form, texture and material that bring about adventurous and at
times spiritual beckoning with diverse, mysterious incarnations.
David has maintained Mythic Silver Studio for over 20 years with his wife,
Sandra in the Front Street Complex where they create their elaborate,
meticulously crafted work, teach lost wax casting for jewelry and sculpture,
as well as many other jewelry techniques.