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"Between Realms"


Opening Reception: October 1, 2021 5PM - 9PM
Other event dates:
October 2nd 10AM - 5PM
October 17th 11AM - 4PM
The gallery is open 7 days a week 9AM - 5PM


Photography has a special way to invite its viewers into the past; into worlds long gone, exposing the reality and the mystery between the “then” and the “now.”  Faded images, yellowed through the years, enhances the feeling of time and distance.  Photos of the motherland, great grandparents, long-gone babies, historic events, even past wonders-of-the-world take us into other worlds, where time travel is possible and the mystery of living and dying is revealed for just a moment, somewhere between realms.

I believe the inherent art of “old photos” has truly instructed our social and cultural experience of memory and mystery and time.  Think movie flashbacks.  So, as I am about to turn sixty and beginning to reflect on aging, on life and on death, I feel compelled to enter into this sacred journey visually too.  Drawn to the wisdom of poets and grandparents, to philosophers and scripture, and to my own prayer and journal life, I discovered the in-between.  That place that is both haunted and glorious.  I found beautiful places of death and haunted places of life.  As the series evolved, I am drawn deeper into the mystery of the spiritual world.  And as the photos came into being, the sacredness of the subject revealed itself. 

For me, life, including death is a sacred experience.  I needed to create a visual understanding of the idea Between Realms.  The “and” between belief and unbelief, mortal and divine, spirit and body, light and dark, now, and then, all became inspiration.  These themes are the foundation of this series.  This work continues to speak to me.  I have found through these photos that the human experience is surrounded by many mysteries of the unknown.  And for this artist, I am discovering great riches in mining the experience.  In excavating our shared human reality, I have unearthed a mysterious place between realms.

The Exhibit:

Sixteen yellowed photographs hang in individually selected picture frames atop satin black cloth.  The sixteen photographs shown were selected from a series of more than 200 photographs from locations all over the world.  The artist first selected the picture frames, and then choose images to compliment the frames. 

The photos are single shot digital photos of landscapes and sculpture.  All images were taken on a Pixel 2XL cell phone.  The images were designed and edited through a free phone app.  This methodology is important to the artist because he seeks to create art in and through accessible means; no special lenses, films, developing processes or staging.  These images are meant to elicit an emotional response, not an expertise in a specific technique.

Artistic Influences:

Sally Mann, photographer and William Mumler, ghost photographer

Locations Depicted:

Dayton National Cemetery, Airlie Botanical Gardens, Hills and Dales Metro Park, Calvary Cemetery, Island Metro Park, Fez Morocco, Woodland Cemetery, Chicago Botanical Gardens, Ott Road Farm Indiana.


Pricing is for prints only.  The artist recommends working with David Crowell at Custom Frame Solutions in Dayton to find the perfect frame for your new photograph.

contact artist for purchase: 

Large prints: $100

Medium Prints: $75

Small Prints: $50