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Chasing Urban Shadows

Hanging On in Webster Station - watercolor on canvas 4' x 3'

"Abstract closeup of a Webster Station abandoned building. The rust and aging provide beautiful, subtle colors that feel cohesive. The watercolor shadows are fluid in texture to show the layers of interior interest still inside." - Linda Hart

Solo Exhibition featuring watercolor paintings by Linda Hart. 

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Artist Statement
Chasing Urban Shadows, my latest body of work is a major departure from familiar subjects that I have worked with over the years and was a deep dive exploration of new subject matter. My goal was to highlight the hidden beauty of industrial buildings and warehouses in our urban environment that have been transformed by weather, neglect, age, partial demo or nature.
Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the shadows, rust, drips, striations and textures of decaying buildings in our everyday urban landscape. Instead of my usual bright colors, the color palette for this body of work is more limited and muted and focuses on the shadows which seem to highlight the drama and beauty of the aging structures. Watercolors on these large size canvases enhance these unique urban views, focusing on what is simply existing in the background every day around us.
As I worked with these images, I began to create more and more beautiful abstract images from closeups of this subject matter. I hope to challenge anyone that views this show to look for this urban beauty in the Miami Valley which is all around us if you look. 

East Dayton Warehouse Kaleidoscope Windows - watercolor on canvas 3'x2'

"In East Dayton, warehouse windows with subdued color palette but various textures/designs provide endless abstract interest." - Linda Hart


The Door West Dayton Warehouse - watercolor on canvas 4' x 3' 

"An extremely aged, metal door from a West Dayton warehouse with layers of peeling paint and metal, lots of rust, reveal decaying wood for endless visual interest." - Linda Hart

Stainton Avenue Warehouse Kaleidoscope Windows - watercolor on canvas 4'x3'

"An abandoned warehouse in East Dayton has the most colorful windowpanes in a kaleidoscope of various colors, shades, and textures."  -  Linda Hart

Where Hot and Cold No Longer Flow - watercolor on canvas 4' x 3'

"An abandoned warehouse complex in West Dayton that is partially demolished has the remaining outer wall with parts that came from both buildings. Mangled HVAC ducts, old wiring and construction textures provide abstract interest." - Linda Hart

East Monument Avenue Overpass - watercolor on canvas 4' x 3'
"Years of moisture running down metal walls provided colorful chemical reactions on the railroad overpass on East Monument Avenue." - Linda Hart
Opening Reception: September 2nd 5pm-9pm
Closing Reception: September 18th 11am-4pm
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This project was supported and made possible in part by an Artist Opportunity Grant funded by the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District and administered by Culture Works.