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Artwork was selected for this exhibition with the intention of bringing an awareness to the diversity in culture found here in Dayton, Ohio.  Through visual art, we can acknowledge, educate, and celebrate our differences.  Together, we can build momentum that will propel us toward a more inclusive, and vibrant community.
This year's guest juror is local artists, instructor, and gallerist, Loretta Puncer.   Puncer is an artist of realistic landscape and still life paintings. Occasionally, she ventures into the abstract world working with highly textured canvases and expressive colors.  She received her BFA for the University of Dayton and maintains a studio at Front Street in Dayton, Oh.
Puncer owned Gallery 510 Fine Art in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District where she curated and sold local and regional artists work from 2008-2018. Her goal was to showcase a broad range of artwork such as painting, sculpture, pottery and also more unusual art such as woodblock prints, anthotype photograms, quilts and handmade jewelry.  Her job as a gallerist was not only to sell art but to educate patrons on the exciting processes of making art.  Learn more about Loretta at
Clarice Moore
Title: "Happy Hour"
Medium: Watercolor
Cathy Jeffers
Title: Charcoal Study
Medium: textile
Dimensions: 21" x 36"
Carol O'Neal
Title: Chaos Theory
Medium: mixed media and photography
Dimensions: 14" x 11"
Christy Veres
Title: Floracainne
Medium: Alcohol Ink on Laminate board
Dimensions: 15" X 15"
Emily Von-Stuckrad
Title: Trash
Medium: Charcoal
Dimensions: 24" x 18"
Fabienne Bee
Title: Dreaming
Medium: acrylic
Dimensions: 9" x 12"
Ginny Baughman
Title: Caging Society
Medium: Found Object Sculpture
Dimensions: 22" x 17" x 17"
Katie Clark Gabbard
Title: Your Banana Phone is Ringing
Medium: acrylic
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Kelsey Wolford
Title: Intertwine
Medium: Double Exposure Photography
Dimensions: 30" x 40"
Maggie Hewitt
Title: Spring Lilac Iris
Medium: Watercolor 
Dimensions: 12" x 9" 
Mikee Huber
Title: The Flow
Medium: acrylic
Dimensions 12" x 24"
Pam Geisel
Title: Breathe
Medium: Fiber art quilt
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Rusty Harden
Title: The Charge
Medium: Ink
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Samantha Farkas
Title: Safe Space
Medium: Ink
Dimensions: 8" x 12"