Open 7 Days A Week - 1001 East Second Street Dayton, Ohio - Free Parking

Dutoit Gallery

The Dutoit Gallery opened in 2016 and is a co-op art gallery that showcases engaging, relevant work in the mediums of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, and fiber art in Dayton, OH. The gallery features artists whose work spans various methodologies, concepts and subjects. Currently the exhibition calendar is scheduled through July 2023.

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ARTIST MEMBERS: Nicholas Arnold, Bridgette Bogle, R. Darden Bradshaw, Glen Cebulash, Stefan Chinov, Greg Clem, Clara Coleman, Andrew Dailey, John Dickinson, Fred Draper, Casey Dressell, Benjamin Fredrick, Amanda Greive, Kevin Harris, Ashley Jude Jonas, Sam Kelly, David Leach, Tracy Longley-Cook, Brandon Lowery, Edmund Merricle, Maureen O'Keefe, Teresa Olavarria, Lauren Post, Kathleen Santucci, Sarah Shanks, Emily SHeehan, Frank Travers, Joel Whitaker, Anthony George Wolking, Sarah Wrona

 Building 100 | Door BC | 3rd Floor

Dutoit Gallery opens for monthly art hops every 1st Friday & 3rd Sunday!