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Olufela Zumbi Rodriguez; a solo exhibition

I am Olufela Zumbi Rodriguez, a nineteen year old Painter, Illustrator, and Sculptor raised in Dayton, Ohio. I am in my first year at the University of Cincinnati studying Industrial Design. 
“Surprise!” 12” x 15”
My initial drawings were inspired by the cartoons I watched and comic books I read. My mother is a practicing artist. She provided me with the materials to develop my talent at a very young age.
“Cupht II” 11” x 14”
When attending Stivers High school, I learned foundational artistic techniques in several different mediums. My favorite media are graphite, inks, ceramics, and oil paints.  While I am studying to become an Industrial Designer, my first love will always be art.
“Lay-Goes Hell" 8” x 10”
In my earlier works, I was interested in imaginative comic drawings. I strived to represent real, tangible objects and figures in my own style.   My other works are finished observational pieces.
This body of work in my first solo exhibition shows the development of my style in my mid to late teenage years. I continue to explore my voice and style as I gain more life experience.


Opening Reception: October 7th 5pm-9pm
Closing Reception: October 16th 11am-4pm
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