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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

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Melanie Morrett

Monotype, framed, 17" x 21" 

Monotypes are a unique type of printmaking because of the unique textural qualities that are possible visually as well as physically.   This one of a kind monoprint was created by rolling brown etching ink on a smooth plate with a roller.  At times I spend hours arranging and rearranging the natural materials around on the plate until I achieve a pleasing composition.  Next, I took a piece of damp acid free etching paper and laid on top of the plate and hand crank it through my etching press.  As the plate passes underneath the large steel roller, it presses the paper down onto the plate and when I lift up the paper on the other side, the ink has now been transferred to the paper that was on the plate.  I use several types of grasses, 2 different plexiglass plates, a soft roller, and brown ink.  The negative areas you help you see a lovely visual impression of what I used to create the image itself.  The plates have no permanent markings or incisions therefore it is not possible to create an edition of the unique print that was created.

          This medium and process can be a little unpredictable at times, but the truth is, there is a remarkable transparency and layering quality possible that is hard to achieve otherwise.   I can spend many hours on one and it be a total flop, but then there are times it is so exciting to see my vision come to life through the happy surprises the medium can provide.  While they don’t all turn out to be masterpieces, I always learn something new from them and they stretch my imagination like nothing else I do.

         I numbered it 1/1 meaning, there is only one piece of art bearing this image.  All framing materials used are acid free.