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Kelly Ingerson

12" x 12" framed photo 

"The inspiration behind the subjects I photograph are simple yet complex and all the things in between. Each day the sun rises and with it brings new beginnings and inspirations – structures jutting out into the ocean showing strength against the violent wave-pounding storms to spires standing tall in the quiet tranquil waters. Visitors come by the thousands in the summer leaving their footprints in the sand, giving the beach a human presence. In the months when the beaches are quiet, there is an uncomplicated
beauty of open space; the place where the water meets the sand. The rhythm of the waves washing onto the beach cleanses the soul; the salty air tossed around by the
breeze, opens your heart. It’s here you find the treasures.  Sand patterns so different and unique, visible as the tide recedes, only to be erased by a single wave; thousands of
tiny particles of sand spurn in every direction creating a new design opening the mind to thousands of possibilities."