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In Motion

In Motion

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Melanie Morrett

Monotype, framed, 19" x 14" 

"In Motion" was accepted into a juried printmaking show, "Litho-Lino-Mono-More" at the DSA Gallery in Dayton, OH July -August 2020.  This is an original monotype print framed in a wood black 19 x 15 frame using acid free mats, tape and backing.  Currently available at the ARTery Gallery in downtown Dayton, OH.  Please email me at for further inquiries.   thank you :) 

This piece of art if called a Monotype print.  I used miniature Japanese maple leaves, black and red ink, 3 plexiglass plates, and several soft rollers to apply to the various plates.  Next I place a piece of damp paper on top of the first completed plate, hand crank it through my etching press which transfers the ink on the plate to the paper, and repeated this process with the other plates.  This piece has been hand created, hand signed and numbered 1 of 1, and although it is technically called a "print",  it is an original piece of art, and the only one in existence.